History of Moore R.U.F.C.

The Gentlemen of Moore R.U.F.C was founded in November 1968, when a group of like minded people were gathered in the Red Lion pub in Moore. Their common interest in rugby led to the suggestion that they form a rugby club. The inaugeral meeting was held at the home of Mr. Ian. Trevithic in Moore, and the Club was born. Early games were always played ‘away’ on a Sunday, as a pitch had not yet been obtained.

1984/85 1st team

25th Anniversary game 1993.

Lottery Presentation

The first game was against Warrington Vikings. Eventually the Club obtained the lease of a field in Moss Lane and home games were now a reality.
A short while later the Club was able to obtain an old motorway site hut which, after a great deal of effort by the members, was opened complete with changing rooms and bar.
Over time, the Club was able to purchase the land that the Clubhouse and pitch are on.
The third team, if playing at home, used different fields over the years that were kindly lent to the Club by different farmers. Finally, in 1981, a lease for the field next to the first team pitch was obtained.
The 1990’s saw the Club rewarded for their efforts again, when Lottery and Foundation for the Sports and Arts grants were obtained which enabled the Club to build a new Clubhouse and changing facilities. Success on the field came in the late 90’s by being league champions for three successive years.

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Moore Vets visit Launceston 1995

Moore 1st team 1990/91

Moore 2nd team 1977/78


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