Rugby Extra

The League Tables as they are now will be seen as the Final positions for the 2019/20 season.
The RFU leagues will be restructured due to teams going back to that format.
This will most probably have a knock on effect with the NOWIRUL leagues and a restructure is possible.
Our 1st team finished 3rd and our 2nd team finished 2nd.

Points Scorers League & Cup Games.
(As of 14th March 2020).

Bradshaw, Matt633100126
Fallon, Neil5340093
Frankling, Henry9101068
Holland, Max1200060
Bagnall, Adam900045
Lee, Danny800040
Pidgeon, Joe800040
White, Sam800040
Hewitt, Callum710037
Griffiths, Matt0113031
Banks, Tom600030
Mullally, Dan323028
Clarke, Pat500025
Fretwell, Tony500025
Tollit, Craig400020
Taylor, Nathan310017
Ferguson, Max 300015
Harvey, Jack300015
Kurek, Bartek300015
Mossop, Matt300015
Cairns, Luke200010
Craven, Ben200010
Littler, Ian200010
Mawn, Darren200010
Parry, Latham200010
Price, Will200010
Rawes, Jordon200010
Ryan, Mike200010
White, Jacob200010
Woollacott, Mike200010
Taylor, Nathan11007
Allen, Peter01105
Biddle, Jason10005
Barr, Mike10005
Cairns, Mike10005
Chapman, Tom10005
Craven, Sam10005
Cunningham, Darren10005
Dixon, Dave10005
Earnshaw, Zach10005
Hamner, Josh10005
Millington, Craig10005
Parsons, Adam10005
Thomas, Dylan10005
Webber, Matt10005

Walking Rugby up and running (well walking). Every Thursday from 7pm. Especially for those between 50 & 100 years young.

Thanks to Millie, India, Kat, Vicky & Daisy.