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Moore Rugby Union Football Club


Terms and Conditions of Hiring the Club




A deposit for all functions is required. The requestor will be notified by email or post that the request has or has not been approved. With either email or post, the requestor will be required to acknowledge receipt in some written form (not a phone call). Any refunds due, will be paid through BACS to the booking account or via post in the form of a cheque to the person & address entered as the contact (above). All evening functions cannot start before 19:30 and the bar will close at midnight. The Club must be cleared by 1am. If these times are not suitable, then changes could be made, but only by prior arrangement with the Stewardess.




If you have accepted the responsibility to leave the club fit for purpose all banners etc. must be removed and any food must be cleared away that evening. Only by prior arrangement with the stewardess may this change. Please remember the club may be open the following day. Failure to comply with this may result in a charge being made. You are not allowed to consume your own drinks on the club premises or grounds. Anyone not observing this rule will be asked to leave the premises. Please Note: Decorative confetti is not permitted. Moore Rugby Club is a private members Club and as such, members cannot be refused entry whenever the Club is open. It is highly unlikely that anyone will use the Club unless invited. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in a charge being made. We hope your event is successful and enjoyable for you and all your guests, We can be flexible on most things but please discuss your event with the Stewardess. 

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